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Wargaming has Become Popular Around the World in the Recent Years, the Number of Devoted Wargame Players is Surging and they Demand for High Quality Airsoft and Accessories for Wargaming to Make the Game More Realistic and Complex.

StarAirsoft was First Established in 2002 to Meet the Fast Growing Demand of Airsoft and Related Products, and Focused on Manufacturing Airsoft Accessories and Magazines. In 2003, StarAirsoft Started Producing a Comprehensive Range of High Quality Airsoft Related Products Such as G36 Series Conversion Kit and AK Grenade Launcher (GP-30), and we Developed our First Electrical Airsoft in 2004.

Since 2002, Our Company Had Built International Reputations in Respective Fields of Airsoft Products Manufacturing. In the Recently Years, we have Successfully Joint Ventured with a Major Taiwanese Airsoft Manufacturer and Incorporated Their Advanced Technical Support, in Order to Achieve our Commitment to Improve the Quality and Quantity of our Products.

In Early 2006, our Development Team has Successfully Developed our Own Series of 'Burst System' Automatic Electrical Airsoft. Our Company Mission is to Focus on Developing Innovative, Advanced Technology Products and Provide Value-Added Services to Fulfill our Consumers' Need.

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